Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Floating Eggs

We all know that a rock can’t float, but can an egg?
Is there any way to make an egg float? Well, it’s easy to make an egg float with one simple ingredient, salt.

What you will need:
- one egg
- water
- salt
- a tall drinking glass

Pour water into your glass until it is about half full, (and I do mean about half full, not any measurements). Stir in lots of salt, about six tablespoons, and then fill the glass until it is almost full with plain water. Pour the plain water in gently - slowly, so that it doesn't mix up the heavier salt water.

Now, gently lower the egg into the water and watch what happens.

Well, did it float or not?

Denser liquid is easier for things to float in. So, because tap water is less dense than salt water, the egg sinks through the tap water, and floats in the salt water! Which means you have an egg in the middle of your glass. If you were careful putting the plain water in with the salt water, they would not have mixed, which means you have two different types of water in one glass.

Don’t crack the egg in this experiment, it could be messy!

Written by SK on 2 December 2009.

P.S. Can you name any rocks that actually will float? Have a look here.


Anonymous said...

some rocks can float

trin said...

would you like me to bring a tall glass in but it is plastic

Leslie said...

We have a tall plastic one in the office. But I will need to be reminded to bring in the egg and the salt!