Friday, December 7, 2007

Classroom Project

Classroom Science Project

Topic: Siamese Fighting Fish

Focus Questions:

Where do we find Siamese fighting fish in the wild?
Why do people have Siamese fighting fish as pets?
What is the habitat of Siamese fighting fish?
What special characteristics do they have?
What are their basic needs?
What scientific experiments can we carry out on these fish?
What do they look like?
How do we set up an aquarium for them?
In what ways do the males differ from the females?
In what ways do domesticated fish differ from wild fish?
What is the temperament of this fish?
How do Betta fish breathe air like dolphins and whales?
What are their breeding habits?
Where did Siamese fighting fish originate?

Discussion Topics

Native and exotic fish and their impact on the environment.
Animals we have in our homes.
How to care for a pet.


Map locations of Siamese fighting fish in the wild.
Feed and care for the classroom Siamese fighting fish.
Exchange information about classroom pets with email penpals.
Investigate special characteristics of Siamese fighting fish, such as air breathing.
Carry out scientific experiments, e.g. place a mirror in front of the fish and study his response.
Write and draw about a pet you would like to have. How would you look after it? What would you do with it?
Independent drawing and study reproductions from pictures downloaded from the Internet.
Select your favourite fish and do some research to find out about it.
Integrate the KLA areas of Science, Health, Language, Arts and SOSE with final activity of creating the Seahorse Café (serving up fish and chips) within the classroom.

Assessment and Evaluation

Participation in all activities will be observed.
Completed work will be constructively discussed, assessed and displayed.


Classroom aquarium.
Internet research.
School Library.
National Aquarium.

Thursday, December 6, 2007


Here are some sites you can use for the following questions:

FEMA for kids Tornadoes


Are tornadoes deadly?

How fast can tornadoes reach?

When can tornadoes form?

What should you keep away from in case of a tornado?

Where should you go in a tornado if you are in the car?

If you are stuck outside what should you do?

If you see someone injured what should you do?

What should you do to prevent your house from being destroyed in a tornado?

Here are some photos of these disasters.