Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Do you want fries with that?

Soak Some Potatoes

Slice a small potato lengthwise into several pieces that each have two flat sides. Place some of the pieces in one dish and the rest in another. Fill both dishes with water. Add two tablespoons of salt to one of the dishes, and label it "salt water."

Let the potatoes soak for about 20 minutes. Compare the potatoes. Is there a difference in firmness? Why?

Why the potato went soggy and floppy:

Through osmosis, water moves from areas of low salt concentrations to areas of high salt concentrations. Adding salt to the water creates a higher salt concentration in the dish than in the potato. Therefore, water in a potato that is soaking in salt water migrates out, leaving behind a limp potato!

People often make celery and strips of carrot go crisper by soaking them in fresh water. What happens if you soak these vegetables in salt water?