Thursday, November 13, 2008

Who are you calling a Pee Wee? - the Magpie Lark

Hello to my commenter. :)

How about a couple of blown up balloons tied to the chairs or table top? Streamers - like you use for a party - we scared away crows at school outside our classroom this way. The paper streamers flutter in the breeze and are off putting to birds. A mobile hanging up above the table? One that will chime or make a musical sound? This may disturb them. Good luck!

The adult male has a white eyebrow and a black face whereas the female has a white face and doesn't have a eyebrow. The young, no matter what gender, have a black forehead, a white eyebrow and a white throat.

Pee wees can be found in Australia, New Guinea and Timor. They can be found in almost any habitat except rain forests and the driest deserts. Birds that don't breed and young birds make large wandering groups that move flock together. These groups can sometimes consist of several thousands of birds.

The pee wee is a mostly ground dwelling bird and can be seen slowly searching the ground for a variety of insects and their larvae. They also like to eat worms and freshwater invertebrates.

This bird does not at all sound like the noisy magpies but yet, does not sound as sweet as the lark but... as Slinky likes to say - "I like to think that they are there, having a peaceful time as they fly, eat and enjoy life."

Here is a female on her nest in Brisbane in an African Tulip tree about 3 metres off the ground. The nest is covered with mud on the outside and the eggs have not hatched out yet. They lay from three to five, and they are pale brown with splotches.

* Can you name six black and white birds found in Australia?

* Did you know? Magpie larks are very attracted to mirrors and will look at themselves for hours.

(Article written by Slinky.)


Anonymous said...

I think they are Pee Wees which have been trying (successfully) to take over our back patio area. They come continually and mess over the table and chairs. We have tried everything we can think of including rubber snakes, stationary owl, chasing them with loud noises, etc. nothing is working. Please can you help with a solution as it's a real problem