Monday, October 13, 2008

Cyber Scope! Turn your world upside down!

Can you imagine how strange the world would look if everything was upside down? When you put on the Cyber Scopes glasses, that is exactly what happens! Students will have a fun time watching each other try to complete challenges while wearing the disorienting glasses.

It's a board game with a difference. It contains a pair of special glasses, game board, 16 puzzle pieces, 7 puzzle cards, 1 foam ball, dice, a pen and two timers. Students compete to make their way around the game board as quickly as possible by completing tasks wearing the Cyber Scopes. The tasks range from putting together a puzzle, to catching a ball in the air, to reading a single word.

While the tasks may initially sound easy, they become a whole lot more difficult when the world is turned upside down by the Cyber Scopes glasses! These distinct glasses put a new spin on the board game that will have you attempting to work in reverse, upside down, in a disorientated state - all in the safety of your classroom. Is it all an illusion, or is it real? You decide!