Monday, April 27, 2009

Staying Alive! Keeping a pet rock

Ah, ah , ah, ah staying alive, staying alive.

No, it's not a singing contest, this is an exercise in pet management. First read Daisy the Curly Cat. Her latest pet, as many of her other ones got 'deaded', is a pet rock. Now go to the pet rock store. You have $100. Work out the supplies you will need, and write out the bill you will receive for all your purchases. Write a full description of your pet in case it gets lost.

Investigate what type of rock your pet is. What are the three main types of rock? Discuss their characteristics and give examples of the different types.


* glue eyes on the rock
* write out a word bank/haiku/pet journal
* organise for it to go to a class, e.g. dance class/gymnastics/playgroup/sports day
* send it for a sleepover
* write out a diet sheet for its food
* photograph it/blog about it
* make a scrapbook page about it
* write down its funniest sayings
* dress it up for a costume party
* send it on a holiday
* write it a bedtime story
* make it a form of transport/bed/play equipment/house (like you would make a dog house)
* give it a name
* give it a birthday party and a present
* take it for a walk in the park and document what you did with it
* have a picnic
* teach it a trick
* make an icanhascheezeburger with it

Questions to answer:
- does the rock have two or more colours?
- is the rock sandy?
- does it make marks on paper?
- does the rock float in water?
- does the rock have layers?
- is the rock heavy?
- is the rock smooth or rough?
- does your rock have a fossil in it?
- can you name a rock that will float?

Word Bank:

igneous, sedimentary, metamporphic
molten, magma, lava
chemical, organic
sandstone, basalt, crystal, marble, quartz, limestone, granite
smooth, rough, layers, hard

Now you can write a journal entry called "A Day in the Life of My Pet Rock". Have a look at my siamese Pyewacket's entry.


Daisy said...

I sure do love my pet rock, sTony! I want to make a haiku for him:

sTony, my pet rock
thank you for being my friend
I love you a lot

Laura Lou said...

Ever work with the book, Everybody Needs a Rock by Byrd Baylor? Works well with this activity.

E.Z said...

I hope you have a good day!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the rocks. It's really fun I thinks mines a sedimentary rock.

From G.R